For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, some basics rules include: 

No pets allowed anywhere on the festival grounds

No unauthorized vending

No illegal drugs, weapons or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds. Violators will be ejected from the facility and subject to prosecution under local, state and federal laws. We’re serious, folks.

No outside alcohol allowed on the festival grounds.

No underage drinking. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in 21+ beer garden areas.

Park in designated areas only. If your vehicle is found in an unauthorized area it may be towed.

No open fires

Absolutely no glass bottles of any kind allowed on site.

No laser pointers

Please respect the environment. Use trash and recycling bins provided.

Please listen to and respect all staff members or authority figures, whether this is a Salmonfest staff person, volunteer staff member or State Trooper. Your safety and well-being is our number one concern.

And finally, the most important rule of all, please be respectful of your neighbors and consider their comfort. 


We cannot begin to express how excited we are about the possibility of an in person festival this summer. As you can imagine, we are in daily discussions, analysis and planning regarding how this year will play out. As of now, we intend to institute some COVID guidelines and protocols but exactly what that will entail will be more clearly defined as we move closer to our date.

We are in the process of forming a committee of health professionals, Salmonfest staff and community members to help us determine the best course of action. We want everyone to feel safe and ecstatic to participate.

Like many events and venues around the world, we are inclined to require all patrons, staff, artists and vendors to provide a vaccination certification, a recent negative test result and/or provide onsite testing before being allowed onsite.

Please bear in mind that all of this is in the preliminary stage but we want to make it clear that we intend to have strict protocols in place to provide the safest festival possible.

If the potential COVID protocols are something that might make you resistant or uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to wait a year to apply or take the year off. While we understand that there are widely different ideas and perceptions around COVID, Salmonfest intends to take the most vigilant approach for the well being and safety of all concerned. Whatever guidelines we put in place will not be negotiable. If you are a returning vendor and choose not to join us this year, your first right of refusal will remain in place for the 2022 festival. However, your location and tier will not be able to be guaranteed. In order to retain your first right of refusal for 2022, please let us know what you intend to do so that we can hold a place in the festival.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we try to navigate these extremely challenging times to make the best and most enjoyable festival possible.

Thank you,

Hannah Stearns, Vendor Coordinator


Become a vendor at Salmonfest 2021! Download the appropriate application by clicking below and either email or mail to Salmonfest. Follow the instructions on the form. Questions? Email: vendors@salmonfestalaska.org

Food Vendor Application

Craft Vendor Application