Con Brio

One of the most important ways we find dynamic and compelling acts/music is through our associative tentacles that reach far and wide across the country. When we get the word from these trusted sources, particularly when it’s more than one, we start paying attention.

Con Brio is one of these bands that is – or at least was prior to the ‘lost year’ – blowing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve been trying to get them up here for a couple of years and it appears that this is the year.

Con Brio is a San Francisco Bay Area 7 piece that plays energetic soul, psych-rock, and R&B that’s as fresh and freethinking as the place they call home. With charismatic singer Ziek McCarter bringing “the dance moves, splits and all, of James Brown, and a tight, veteran band that “comes across like a party punk version of Sly and the Family Stone”, Con Brio is known to convert anyone who sees their electric live show.

Check them out:

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